Todé, The Artistry of Landscape

When the Todé landscape company contacted me to help them recreate their online identity, they were unhappy with their website. Built almost entirely in Flash and by a firm that closed shop, they were unable to update their site or even access the files.

Todé, The Artistry of Landscape wanted a site that reflected their work: something colorful, simple, and sophisticated. The client’s primary goal for their website was to show examples of their landscape designs. Secondary goals included listing the specific services they offered and providing a convenient contact method.

I delivered a website that focuses users’ attention on Michael Todé’s stunning landscape designs by incorporating landscape photos into the site navigation and complimenting page text with photos of Todé’s best work. We designed the background of the page to look like pattern-cut grass, while the colors used throughout the site are naturalistic and match the Todé logo.

The custom, dynamic landscape design portfolio allows the user to click through large photos of Todé’s work without interruption, while also allowing the user to start or stop at any photo. Unlike their previous site, the website I created makes it easy for the user to bookmark a particular photo’s page and refer to it later or illustrate an idea when contacting Todé through their email contact form.

As a final touch, we added prominent links to the portfolio, services, and contact pages after the introductory paragraph on the homepage, focusing users’ attention-once again-on Todé’s three goals for the website.